Musician. Moscow
19 JUL 2021
At what point did you realize that music is what you want to be devoted to?
I can't say that I have decided something. I've just always loved music and books the most. I've been composing songs since I was 13, poems since I was 9. But my first project was formed much later. It was called «phantom icicles», it was a band of Anton Fish. Then we created «white slaver», and with this project we got a small sponsorship for the recording of our debut album. It was from «Powerhouse»as part of the Dewar's project. Then Pavel Nikolsky joined us and we began an active touring to EU and Baltics. Later, we had to change our name to IVATU (for obvious reasons, it was often banned in the West)

Now I have released (finally!) a solo album. But It was created with Anton Fish, also.
What is the main idea you pursue in your work? Looking at your musical project, you are not the kind of person who tries to please the audience, but "feeds" new things every time. How would you describe your musical idea?
Well, I just manage to sublimate my experiences and moods into creativity, and this process is as necessary for me as water or food. No, there is no goal to please people, my songs are completely devoid of social connection, I am sure that on a desert island, alone, I would also sit and sing something:) However, it is always a great pleasure if people begin to understand your music, if they feel themselves in it. It's kind of a support in difficult moments, It leads away from loneliness. What can I say, it's nice to feel that you are understood. As for me, it's like this.
What makes your music unique?
For me, it's just my songs — a difficult question. About the Russian album, most of those who liked it so far, noted "incredible sincerity", (but I don't know anything about it actually:)

And technically, I have something to tell. First of all, the project is distinguished by the fact that the basic part of the album was recorded on a vintage recorder, not on a computer. Which immediately gave the album a certain vibe and a distinctive sound. Same with the way of work we chose. We did not use modern multimedia solutions, such as autotune and so on. The album turned out to be "real" in its' sound — juicy, a bit raw... In a way beautiful, in my opinion music, sounded like this "before".
The mission... May be just stay on your line, work exactly the way we work and thereby show how your art can be a result of an unconscious flight... Not just a result a production", if you know what I mean.
What mission do you promote to the industry?
You look like a musician who knows what he wants, who is confident in what he is doing. Do you have a plan or an end point that you want to grow to?
Sincerely, so far, I would like, as many people as possible, to listen to my debut album "The Vices of the Beautiful". And then we'll see:) But as a musician I feel like I'm just on my start actually. I see deeper immerses and much bigger experiments within the next albums.
What qualities, in your opinion, should an artist have today?
Again, these are two different stories. If a person just wants to be an artist, then first of all, he must be hardworking. Then have at least some talent:) It would be nice to have a plan. It is important to develop your taste, your horizons in principle. If you have of a «business grip», intelligence, charisma — they will work on you. As in any other business, there is no difference.

If we are talking about art, it is important not to lose inspiration to work hard on what you are writing, to finish it, to socialise it, even if your art does not bring you money or fame at all. I know some great musicians who were unable to continue because of the depressions that went through at this base. But on the other hand, I believe that a real artist should have enough inner will for this.
How do you understand the phrase "inner truth"?
I think this is when you are clearly aware of what is happening in your head. The inner truth is not necessarily about beauty and nobility, it is important to know yourself "face to face". What you really want, why you want, what you really think, etc.
Globally, recently I can't find a group that I could fall in love with. Recently, I listened to Björk's album «Vulnicura» may be 6 times in a row..I think I fell it, as I did not feel her others. I liked the album "I Speak Because I Can" by Laura Marling

But basically, still, Elliot Smith, Cocteau twins, Blonde Redhead, Francois Hardy, Sinead O' Connor, Joy Division, Thom Yorke, The Cure, David Bowie — are my favorites.

But I try to listen to something new every week! There are a lot of great bands in the world, including unknown ones, it's worth trying to let them in.
Does the music you listen to influences on your art? What has been your inspiration for the last few months?
Björk "Vulnicura"
Laura Marling "I Speak Because I Can"
What do you think should be done with the fact that now people are ready to listen to mediocre commercial music that does not fill the imagination and soul, that does not carry a true message?
What is happening now is pretty terrible:) The same film industry — it simply drowned in blockbusters which are created only for box office. This is how we get the contemporary viewer! As a result, it is a person who can be entertained only within the help of special effects, murders, and similar. «Bright», «Exciting» — this is how he understands these words. Same happens with music.. It has become easier to do it, you can just download the Ableton. Of course, this has advantages , but also disadvantages.
What are your plans with the «Ива» project?
Probably in August there will be a small "apartment party", and then, later, a concert in Powerhouse, Moscow. Now we are recording "live", which will be released soon. This will be a live 4 tracks video, directed by the same guys who shot the video for «Не отрывайся»—G. Kazimi and Sasha Posoh. For the live performances, we got new members to the project: Cello (Gosha), piano (Lina G.), bass guitar (Pasha N.).

Well, we have already started working on the second part of the album "The Vices of the Beautiful", which hopefully will be released in early autumn.
How many different thoughts about art live in the world?
When we come into contact with art, our heart beats faster...You feel inspiration, you tremble, «Art is a verity in a sensual form", "Only art is true", art creates a balance, without it the world would become an evil world. And so on. But none of them is about the fact that art is a product with predetermined primitive characteristics in order to satisfy a primitive need.

Unfortunately, I don't know what to do with this. To begin with, it would be good to understand all this. Maybe just stop pleasing the stupid consumer with a stupid stuff and the consumer will loose it's stupidness? I don't know, I'm a romantic:)

But in my life, I must say that I am surrounded(both close and at a distance) almost only by creators who really need art, as they need air. To create or to be inspired by the creations of others. So the world that you asked about is luckily very far from me.